Drum Cover of Caught Up by Usher

Caught Up is a pretty old song. First time I heard it was circa 2011 when a friend shared the infamous drum cover by the one and only Aaron Spears, which he played at the 2006 Modern Drummer Festival. I instantly became a fan of Aaron and he’s remained one of my favorite drummers ever since.

I’ve listen to this tune several hundred times over the years and tried to learn some of the fills. It’s a complex beast! Aaron has a very unique style of playing that I’ve not quite been able to put my finger on, but I know it has to do those damn triplets!!! Anyway, if I ever meet this man, I shall ask him to play this song for the 1000th time.

Aaron Spear’s cover of Caught Up, among several other performances at the festival opened my eyes to a whole new world of drums. I saw and heard things that continue to amaze me to this day, some of which I’ve incorporated into my own playing. It was a treat to play this song. Lots of cool fills learned and great memories brought to mind. Glad I did it!